A little about me:

Writing always intrigued me, and by junior high school (yes, I’m old enough that I belong to the era prior to the shift to middle school) I knew I would write for the sake of writing. Throughout high school and the first two years of college, my elective coursework leaned heavily towards art, music, drama, and literature, each of which covered their beginnings and evolution. At some point I realized that history was a common link.  And so, melding writing with history, I began the journey to writing historical fiction.

The four-part Macsen’s Treasure series of historical spy thrillers set in fifth century Britain is the result of many years of research and dedication to writing and history.  The novels have won numerous awards. The fourth book, A Land Beyond Ravens, won the 2010 Colorado Book Award and the 2010 National Indie Excellence Award, both in the historical fiction category. Other books in the series include: Into the Path of Gods, In the Shadow of Dragons, and The Anvil Stone.

In between, I have also published numerous articles, essays, short stories, reviews, and poems. I am a long-time member of the Historical Novel Society and am involved with several writing and history groups as well. Knowing I would need to delve into a great deal of research for a new project, I went back to school in my fifties to earn a Masters degree in Ancient and Classical History, graduating with honors in November 2014. (Might as well receive credit for all that work!) Currently, I am working on a new stand alone novel consisting of three interconnected stories involving Scythian nomads and Celtic raiders set in the Black Sea region in the 4th century BC, Anglo-Saxon pirates off the coast of Britain in the sixth century AD, and intrepid archaeologists in nineteenth century England.

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